We help B2B consultants & professionals service providers attract 5 & 6 figure deals


I’m Ahmad Munawar, creator of the 90 Day Pipeline, which takes consultants through a framework designed to position them as true leaders in their market and attract clients to them without hustling, networking, or begging for referrals.

I’ve been in the consulting space for my entire career, having started off early at Ernst and Young, one of the largest professional services firms in the world.

After that, I went to a boutique consulting firm as the only business-focused player in an environment full of subject matter experts. When I started, we were very small, with just one big whale client. But in just a few years, we built a very healthy multiple seven figure consulting business. My role in that, as the only business person on the team, was to do a little bit everything... marketing, sales, business development, operations, strategy and time. That’s where I developed the foundations of my current expertise. And that’s where I realized that there was the overarching need for subject matter experts to have someone walk them through a processes and strategy to consistently generate premium deals.


Since then, I have talked to... worked with... mentored... and hired literally 1,000’s of consultants who are struggling in the area of business development. Not only that, but in “taking my own medicine” so to speak, we took my firm, Boutique Growth, from 0 to over $1m in just over 2 years.

And so what we’ve developed with the 90 Day Pipeline is a system and methodology for any consultant, any service provider or subject matter expert, who wants to attract and win five and six figure consulting deals.



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Business Owner


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