Consulting Has Evolved

No more cold-pitching, harassing your network for leads, or taking jobs you hate. We'll show you how to fill your pipeline with dream clients in 90 Days.

CONSULTING HAS EVOLVED. The markets are getting wiser. Decision makers are more sophisticated. Firms are only doing business with those they already know, like, and trust. But that doesn't mean it's gotten harder... In fact, selling premium consulting packages might be easier than ever.

After working with and talking to thousands of consultants, we've identified the 6 pillars consultants need to succeed.


Consultants who have these 6 pillars firmly in place enjoy the lion's share of success, growth and impact... while others remain stuck. By implementing our pillars, clients are able to…

Attract Dream Clients

Attract dream clients


Charge premium fees


Reach decision makers


Manage a full pipeline

Who are we and how are we confidently claiming to have cracked the consulting code?

Let's start at the beginning… Ahmad Munawar, quit his cushy consulting job at Ernst & Young to join a fledgling boutique that could barely pay his salary. As the marketing lead, he took them to 7 figures at lightning speed. Next, Ahmad decides to launch his own consulting practice thinking all he has to do is “work his network” and the deals would fall into his lap. He was wrong.

Client Results


$100k+ added to her pipeline in 90 days

“If you do what the program says, you will fill up your funnel. We did!”

Jennifer Neal, CEO, Truth + Dare

Jennifer came to us with 20+ years in marketing and design, running a high 6 figure firm. She used to rely on old fashion networking, relationships and cold calling to acquire clients – but things dried up.

During her time in the 90DP we sharpened her positioning and installed a leadership marketing system. Within 90 days she added $100k to her pipeline.


$130k+ added to her pipeline in 90 days

“My favourite part of the program is how much money I’m making”

Anastassia Laskey, Founder, Ground Control Research

Ana is an experienced researcher and data wiz. She came to us because she was unsatisfied with the kind of work she was doing, and because her revenue was incredibly inconsistent.

By working deeply on her positioning, we helped her find a niche she was passionate about and an offer that strongly resonated with her market. Ana generated $130k in new business from a single client within her 60 days in the program - she had ZERO pre-existing relationship with this client before working with us.


Sold out on a brand new offer in 90 days

"We beat our pre-COVID numbers! This is not like the marketing gurus out there"

Moe Ali, CEO, Product Faculty

Moe came to us at the cusp of the pandemic as new restrictions had pushed him to rebuild his business online. Moe’s programs had a top tier reputation with their in-person model, but the brand new online model was virtually unheard of and had to be built up from scratch.

His time in the 90DP helped him create a new offering, and by the end of the 90 days his revenue had surpassed pre-pandemic levels.


Closed $300k in 60 days all from Inbound Leads

"I was chasing referrals, now prospects are reaching to me and signing deals"

Chad Prinkey

Chad is a management consultant serving the construction industry. He came to us while working as an employee at a larger consultancy. His book of business had dried up by more than 20% due to COVID and he was hesitant to reach out to clients asking for referrals.

After completing the 90 Day Pipeline, Chad won more than $300k in new business in just 60 days -- all generated from inbound leads who he had no preexisting relationship with. Whereas he was previously talking to 1-2 new prospects per month, he is now generating 8-10 qualified new prospects per month through his inbound marketing campaigns.


Closed $100k in 90 days

"I don’t want more people to know about this, it works too well..."

Brian Hodge

Brian is a Culture Development Consultant with sales & marketing experience. He came to us after trying different strategies. He was now seeking a unified approach to building his pipeline. We helped him refine his offer, raise his prices and tailor his content to generate inbound interest.

Once the 90 Day Pipeline system was in place, Brain was getting inbound interest from new leads and old ones who had gone cold. During his time in the program he landed contracts north of 6 figures, with more in the pipeline coming up!


Got 3 new clients - Including a huge landmark client

"Thanks to the program we have a busier pipeline, warm leads and we’re landing dream clients!"

Adam Levinter

Adam is an expert in the subscription business. He came to us after trying the typical tactics of marketing gurus - write a book, start a podcast etc.

Up until he joined 90 Day Pipeline, he was mostly growing his business through his network. Now he wanted a more predictable system to generate new business.

Through the program, we helped Adam clarify the market he was going after, the offer he was making, and a system to publish insights generating inbound interest.

Within 90 Days we landed 3 whale clients, one of which was a DREAM client he’d been eyeing.

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